Introducing: The Rasa Sayang BBQ Set

As the sun sets, vehicles clear the road to make room for hawkers to set up tables and chairs for a unique Singaporean experience: Satay Street. In a busy street in Singapore, cars are replaced with makeshift charcoal grills while the air is filled with the intoxicating aroma of char-grilled satay. 

Image Credit: Uncover Asia

We at Rasa Sayang aim to bring this tradition right to the heart of London in the iconic Frith Street, Soho.

This experience is a taste of Singapore in its idyllic days before the skyline was filled with skyscrapers and before the hustle and bustle took over the city. Satay clubs and streets were points of social gathering and feasting: it was a highlight during a time when hawker culture dominated the culinary scene in Singapore. Only one such street still exists in Singapore and we aim to replicate that experience as closely as possible right here in London.

Expect a street dining experience like you’ve never had before and pamper your palate with Straits favourites such as char-grilled satay, banana leaf wrapped spicy seafood grilled over charcoal, and juicy grilled chicken wings coupled with ice-cold beer.

For Duck’s Sake Raw Dry-Aged Canton Roast Duck

If you haven’t heard, we’re stocking up the ducking delicious ready-to-roast raw ducks from For Duck’s Sake.

The ducks, which are supplied by Silver Hill Ducks, are of the world’s highest quality.

The frozen ducks are pre-marinated with myriad spices and dry-aged for 3 days: all you have to do is thaw it completely and pop it in the oven and tell all your friends that you’re the best roast duck chef in all of UK!

At a promotional price of £15.99, that’s cheap bragging rights.

Available in-store, whilst stocks last.